Why We Support Increasing Regenerative Organic Practices

Regenerative Organic Agriculture is an approach to food and farming systems that focuses on soil health, conserving water, sequestering carbon, and promoting biodiversity. It overlaps with organic practices, which means no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, etc. Many different practices can be considered “regenerative,” and different soil types, geography, or climate may require other … Read more

Eat REAL, Communities Unlimited inc, and Healthy Flavors awarded 2022 USDA Farm to School Grant

We are proud to announce Eat REAL, Communities Unlimited inc, and Healthy Flavors are recipients of a 2022 USDA Farm to School Grant. Together, we will develop a blueprint and a stakeholder/collaboration map for strengthening farm to school programs in the Mid-South.  You can read more about this competitive grant and the partnership that will expand … Read more

First Partner of California Visits Eat Real Partner San Luis Coastal Unified School District

Eat REAL partner school San Luis Coastal Unified School District(SLCUSD) hosted First Partner of California, Jennifer Siebel Newsom for a farm-to-school tour and school garden lunch last week. Guests were invited to learn about how the district integrates lunchroom initiatives with education for students. The food service team at SLCUSD, led by Food Service Director … Read more

Farm to School Reinvents School Food

Farm-to-school programs have become increasingly commonplace in the past few years. These programs encourage schools to look locally when sourcing ingredients for meals. Although school meal programs have historically faced strict requirements and regulations, various policy changes (some influenced by the COVID-19 supply chain disruptions) have recently allowed schools a bit more flexibility, which further … Read more

Listen Now: Eat REAL CEO, Nora LaTorre on Levels Health

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Iyt8QT6lqc Eat Real’s CEO and K-12 Program Founder Nora LaTorre joined LEVELS CEO & Co-Founder Casey Means on the Levels podcast to discuss Eat Real’s policy/advocacy, awareness building, and K-12 food system transformation work. They discuss why schools are one of the best levers out there for fighting the children’s health crisis and climate change. … Read more

Celebrating Farm to Summer Week!

Eat REAL is celebrating the California Department of Education’s (CDE) Farm to Summer Week this week! Farm to Summer focuses on local food sourcing, and fun food and nutrition education for kids. This celebration creates an excellent opportunity for Child Nutrition Program (CNP) operators to engage with kids and parents by enjoying local and seasonal … Read more

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