Becoming a Real Food Advocate

Real, whole foods grown with environmentally conscious practices are vital for people’s health and our planet. Eat REAL’s work and the real food movement are centered around creating equitable access to real food and supporting regenerative food production for our planet. Good health starts with real food. The real food movement is growing, and we’re … Read more

Celebrate World Health Day With Real Food

Every year, the World Health Organization celebrates World Health Day on April 7th. A year into the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s celebration is focused on ‘building a fairer, healthier world for everyone.’ The pandemic has led to a rise in poverty and food insecurity exacerbating health inequalities worldwide and in the United States.  Good … Read more

Redesigning our Foodsystem

We talk about “redesigning a more equitable food system” a lot. It’s at the heart of Eat REAL’s mission and how we will accomplish our goal of increasing our kids’ health and creating a healthier planet. Our food system isn’t necessarily  “broken,” it works as it was built to. Unfortunately, it was built on a … Read more

Free School Meals Lead to More Successful Students

Two new reports suggest that having regular and stable access to healthful food has a massive impact on a student’s performance in school and on tests. The findings underscore the link between food access and children’s ability to succeed long-term into adulthood and access opportunities to advance their economic standings. The first, a study from … Read more

National School Breakfast Week

This week is National School Breakfast Week! We are celebrating the schools and programs dedicated to helping students begin their day nourished and ready to learn. National School Breakfast Week is celebrated in March of each year and brings recognition to a program so important to our children’s health. The National School Breakfast program has … Read more

Hacking The Aging Clock: Longevity Starts in Childhood

A recap of the fascinating Donor Lightning Session, Hacking The Aging Clock: Longevity Starts in Childhood, that featured a presentation by Eat REAL’s Chief Pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene, in conversation with Stephanie Erazo, CEO and Health Entrepreneur + Eat REAL Philanthropic Leadership Board Member.

Food System Justice Is Racial Justice

When it comes to the U.S. food system, healthful options have become a luxury that millions of Americans don’t have access to or cannot afford. This food insecurity disproportionately affects BIPOC communities due to long-standing structural racism, discriminatory policies, income disparities, and limited economic opportunities. The levels in which our food system needs to be … Read more

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