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Who We Are

Helping Kids Learn to Love Real Food

Eat Real creates a healthier tomorrow for every child and our planet by empowering community-driven change. Together, we make improvements to the food system through schools, awareness building, and advocating for policy changes. 

What If...

School meals were children’s favorite meals packed with nutrient-dense deliciousness that nourishes them to reach their full potential?

Schools were the largest buyers of regenerative agriculture, and children’s meals regenerated our planet?


Let’s make it happen together!

With your support, THIS YEAR we can


Bring our Program to 537 Schools

120M Meals healthier + greener

What We Do

Eat Real’s program presents a higher standard and certification that guides school districts on their journeys to improve food in schools. We offer direct support to our school district partners because they are the change makers in this movement. Together, we build awareness around the power of real food to create a healthier tomorrow.

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