We are a movement of change-makers passionate about increasing REAL Food Access + Education.

About Eat REAL

Who We Are

Eat REAL was founded in 2012  by health advocates wanting to improve and bring transparency to our food system. Since then, our nonprofit has brought the  certification model to over 500 partners nationwide. Today, we are 100% focused on bringing Eat REAL certification to our schools and raising awareness on the value of real food.

Our Eat REAL Team and Board are a passionate group of individuals with deep experience in Health, Nutrition, Pediatrics, K-12 Education, Food System Innovation, Tech, Certification, Market Building and Consumer Activation.

The Program

Eat REAL Certified™ is a powerful way for communities to come together to improve food in schools. 

Modeled after the LEED Green Building Certification, Eat REAL’s certification program is built on comprehensive evidence-based standards that support continuous improvement. We partner closely with school Food Service Directors, giving them tools to lead the change. 

Third-party registered dietitians (RDs) lead an in depth, comprehensive assessment. The point-based system supports school districts to design and customize their action plans.

As a school district achieves Eat REAL Certification, we support community engagement and awareness building.

"Partnering with Eat REAL is about taking care of our kids with the highest quality food to nurture their excellence."

-Dominic Machi, Food Service Director MDUSD
Contra Costa County, CA

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