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What it Means to be an Eat REAL Supporter

Big dreams of impact like these require hard work and a large network of support.

An early introduction to real food through our program is already shaping the eating habits of the next generation. Through the Eat REAL in schools program, children will grow up with a greater chance to live long, healthy lives and begin to see their planet heal.

There are 21,000 public school districts that are responsible for providing food to our children.  We need your help to reach these students. Currently, we have a waitlist of school districts who would like to participate. With your support, our nonprofit organization can engage these leaders.

Eat REAL focuses 100% of our work in the healthy food in schools movement. 

We hope you will join us as we work with school districts across the nation to rebuild food in schools.

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"Eat REAL is changing the menu of the largest fast food chain in the US: our public school system."
Lawrence Williams , Eat Real Founder and Member, Eat REAL Board

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