Optimize Your Immune System by Eating REAL

https://youtu.be/k7UXuGPuC_g Optimizing your immune system is the metabolic version of “work smarter, not harder”.  As Dr. Greene talks about in his video above, by feeding and treating your body right you allow your immune system to really focus on keeping you healthy and protecting your body against harmful viruses and other pathogens. He offers 4 … Read more

Eat REAL Impact Update, August 2020

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of another month. The world is full of uncertainty and difficulty, but our team is focusing and working harder than ever on Eat REAL’s model to nourish and heal our communities and planets.  COVID-19 Support Program  To date, we’ve connected a network of 2,067 schools/ 85 … Read more

The Importance of School Meals

For millions of children across the country, school meals contribute up to 50% of their daily caloric intake. The impact these meals have on their development and day to day health is even more significant than previously thought. In 2013, the Obama-Era Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act went into effect. This legislation increased the nutritional … Read more

Eat REAL Virtual Volunteer Summer Internship Program

The launch of our Summer Virtual Volunteer Intern Program was an incredible success, furthering our community engagement and shaping our youth outreach program.  Six interns joined us to create educational social media campaigns for their peers, inspired by the Eat REAL standards. Their projects highlighted the importance of eating real whether through incorporating more plant-based … Read more

Eat REAL Summer Intern Program Sneak Peek: Motivational Workshop with Dr. Riva Robinson

Kicking off the final week of our intern program, guest speaker, Dr. Riva Robinson led our intern cohort through an inspiring conversation of self-value by outlining her five truths she wished she’d known as a young adult. We appreciate how she takes a holistic approach to health integrating healthy eating, active lifestyle, mindful moments, connections, … Read more

Show us your masks!

Eat REAL’s Dr. Alan Greene walks through masks safety and tips to ensure you are wearing and using your mask properly. We also have an exciting update on our mask distribution program!

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. We stand for equality and justice. Racism and ignorance are never okay. We will listen, learn, stand up, and do the work necessary together to create lasting change.