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SHIFT:TECH Tech for Good Virtual Conference

Hosted by The Recount in partnership with Comcast CA

Today’s SHIFT:TECH Tech for Good virtual conference was hosted by The Recount Media and sponsored by Comcast California. The conference brought together leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences, but all with the common goal of continuing to leverage today’s tech to do more good in today’s world.

Eat REAL’s CEO, Nora LaTorre, and Board Chair, Dr. Jordan Shlain, were among today’s speakers. They spoke to the importance of fixing our food system and the impact it would have on reversing our current metabolic health and climate crises. Nora shared how Eat REAL’s Certification program has been able to help implement meaningful change in school foodservice in over 237 schools to date. One of the most impressive data points was the reduction of 10lbs of added sugar per student per year in one district alone. Dr. Shlain highlighted this change and went into the long term effects added sugar could have on children developmentally and how much it can hinder their ability to excel in school, job performance, and long-term health. 

By teaching kids and building a strong foundation for eating healthy early on, we set them up for success later in life. We can increase their lifespans and reduce the overall risk of food-related diseases that can lead to complications throughout their lives. Simultaneously, the actions that lead to a better food system allow our planet to heal and can reverse climate change for the next generation and many more to come. 

The call to action was for companies and individuals to join Eat REAL as donors, sponsors, and supporters in helping the nonprofit reach more school districts and children. The Tech Ecosystem can play a partnership role and support more transparency as they try to help with the health and climate crises. 


Missed today’s conference? We’ll be sharing Recount Media’s recording as soon as it’s available.

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