Program Overview

Our Model

The Eat REAL Certified™ process is designed to support and recognize a school district’s journey to bring transparency to their food program. 

The Eat REAL evidence-based standards and the third-party assessment provide a map and tools for school food service directors and leadership to measure their practices in nutrition and sustainability, and understand how they can make improvements. 

Participating in our program is a powerful and clear way to demonstrate progress to students, parents, and communities.

How it Works

Process Overview

Our process begins with pairing both an Eat REAL team member and a Registered Dietitian (RD) with each school district. The independent third-party RD performs  a baseline assessment. With this information, Eat REAL supports the school district to create an action plan.

We recognize that districts require time to make adjustments to menus, sourcing, and, in some cases, facilities and equipment, needed for increased scratch cooking and adapted procurement. This initial undertaking can span a year or more. The partnership continues as school districts  continue to make improvements and seek higher levels of certification.

Levels of Certification

Modeled after LEED Green Building Certification, our evidence-based assessment measures practices across 10 standards. The four different levels of our certification encourage continuous improvement wherever a district is on its  journey. 

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Program Cost

Through generous supporters of the Eat REAL movement, we’re able to offer the program free of cost to qualifying public school districts. 

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