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School Meals During Remote Learning


School meal services are more critical than ever as food insecurity grows due to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many kids going back-to-school in a remote learning environment, fewer at-risk students are receiving school meals. 96% of the school foodservice providers Eat REAL surveyed believe that food insecurity is increasing, while 81% are very concerned that COVID-19 has restricted access to necessary school meals.

 Millions of children rely on school meal programs for their primary source of nutrition and caloric intake. Hungry kids have a harder time in school, which leads to lags in educational development and future struggles with job performance. School systems are working hard to continue providing food during remote learning through delivery and meal-pick up programs.

Eat REAL launched our COVID-19 Support Program to help schools continue to serve children meals safely, even during remote learning. Our program provides support, health and safety guidance, and personal protective equipment for food service workers. We have also partnered with The Farmlink Project and Yeti to supply real food donations that families can pick up along with their kids’ daily school meals.

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