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Eat REAL Impact Update, August 2020

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of another month. The world is full of uncertainty and difficulty, but our team is focusing and working harder than ever on Eat REAL’s model to nourish and heal our communities and planets. 

COVID-19 Support Program 

To date, we’ve connected a network of 2,067 schools/ 85 school districts with support so they can continue to safely serve children meals even if schools are closed via meal pick-up and delivery. Our program provides health safety guidance, PPE (e.g., quality reusable masks), and support. Also, we’re leading real food pilots across multiple school districts that connect farmers’ food-waste with families via school – a win for fighting food waste and food insecurity. 

“We would like to thank you for the face masks that you donated to us. These masks will help us to stay safe and continue providing meals to our community.” Marina Navarro, Director of Food Services at Washington Unified School District, Fresno California

REAL Food Donations

By partnering with organizations like The Farmlink Project, and Yeti, we’ve supplied over 23,000 lbs of real food donations that families can pick up along with their children’s daily meals at school. These high-quality proteins and fresh produce boxes have provided an additional 30,000 meals to our communities.


Northern California District Call

The power of collaboration is something we believe in so strongly. The more minds we put together, the more powerful and impactful our work becomes. Last week, we brought together foodservice leaders from Northern California school districts. The ideas and solutions to navigate the uncertainty of a distance learning school year that came from this conversation are a major win for their students’ health and well being. You can read more about this inspiring call here.

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