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Eat REAL is an Eat the Change Grant Recipient!

We are proud to announce we have been awarded a competitive $15k grant from climate-friendly food champions, Eat the Change Impact. This grant will support our work in helping schools create more climate-friendly menus.

Eat the Change Impact is the foundation of climate-friendly food company Eat the Change. The foundation awards grants to support organizations and initiatives to help increase access to climate-friendly foods in regions that are the most negatively impacted by climate change and that face high rates of food insecurity.

Grantees were selected in alignment with their four core values: Eating with Intention, Fact-Based Science, Democratizing Access, and Innovation. “These grants come at a time when people are reconsidering their dietary choices in a way they haven’t before. Our Changemakers are working in their communities to help make plant-based diets easy, affordable, and delicious,” says Eat the Change Founder Seth Goldman.

Eat REAL Certification promotes increasing plant-based menu options, increasing local procurement of seasonal ingredients, farm-to-school programming, responsible waste management, and climate-friendly food education in the cafeteria. We help to highlight and build understanding around the connection between human and planet health. This grant will support our work within our next cohort of schools undergoing Eat REAL Certification.

Teaching this next generation how to reverse climate change through their food choices is one of the most important ways to create an all around healthier future. Our work empowers our kids to learn to love real food and that their choices can significantly impact healing our planet. Eat REAL school certification is a win for our children’s health and the health of the planet.

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