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Celebrate World Health Day With Real Food

Every year, the World Health Organization celebrates World Health Day on April 7th. A year into the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s celebration is focused on ‘building a fairer, healthier world for everyone.’ The pandemic has led to a rise in poverty and food insecurity exacerbating health inequalities worldwide and in the United States. 

Good health starts with getting real food into the hands of those who need it most. Diets packed with ultra-processed foods can lead to diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity. These processed food-related diseases are a leading cause of early death, decreased health span, and COVID-19 complications. One of the best ways to combat health inequalities is by creating equity in our food system – everyone deserves access to healthful, real foods. 

Eat REAL works with distinguished healthcare professionals to stay on the cutting edge of real food and nutrition science. These professionals, including Dr. Jordan Shlain, Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Riva Robinson, Dr. Alan Greene, Dr. Hemalee Patel, and Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly, are members of our Board of Directors and Philanthropic Leadership Board. Their guidance leads our work with schools so that we can help build a healthier next generation and advocate for health equity in our communities. 

We advocate for an equitable food system by increasing real food access in our schools and providing real food education. Our school district certification program works with schools with a high percentage of free and reduced-cost meal recipients to offer sustainably produced, real foods to kids who would otherwise lack access to nutritious foods.

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