Pajaro Valley Unified is Eat Real Certified!

Eat Real is excited to announce that Pajaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) is Eat Real Certified! Based in the Watsonville area—known as the salad bowl of California—Pajaro Valley connects with local farmers to bring the abundance of their surroundings to the nearly 20,000 students across their 33 schools.  Collaboration with nonprofit partners such as … Read more

Capistrano Unified is Eat Real Certified!

Eat Real is proud to announce that Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) is Eat Real Certified, the first district in Southern California to do so! Headquartered in Orange County, CUSD serves 42,000 students and has achieved our green tier certification. The ninth largest district in the state (out of over 1,000 districts), CUSD is the … Read more

Natomas Unified School District is Eat Real Certified!

Eat Real is thrilled to announce Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) is Eat Real Certified at the green tier! Serving students in the northwestern Sacramento area, Natomas Unified is the second most diverse school district in the nation (New York Times, 2016), and the most diverse district in California. NUSD’s dynamic, committed food service staff … Read more

Meet Eat Real’s New California Districts

Eat Real’s 2023 California cohort represents three districts that collectively serve 44 schools and reach more that 21,400 students. The fearless Nutrition Services directors of these districts work with their staff to provide healthy, delicious breakfasts and lunches to all students, free of charge, every day. Their desire to seek Eat Real certification indicates their … Read more

100,000 Comments Needed to Support the USDA’s Improved K-12 Nutrition Standards

You can help nourish the future. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposed new nutrition standards for school meals to improve the health of America’s children. This is an important step forward. Now, your voice is needed so the USDA knows there is broad public support for their recommendations to limit added sugars, emphasize whole grains, … Read more

Regenerative Agriculture for Human and Planet Health

We know that agriculture significantly impacts the environment; we need land and resources to provide food for all. Fortunately, we can decide what that impact will be. By focusing on the sustainability of agricultural practices, we can not only reduce its effects on the environment but also ensure that agriculture has a positive impact on … Read more