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White House unveils Eat Real’s commitment to End Hunger and Build Healthy Communities

Incredible news! The White House unveiled Eat Real’s commitment to End Hunger and Build Healthy Communities this morning.

We’ll share the full details soon, but the most important part is that we’ve pledged to optimize $1BILLION in school cafeteria budgets toward delicious, nutrient-dense, culturally relevant, and planet-sustaining food. This translates into helping ONE MILLION children across the United States gain access to healthier meals and more nutrition security. And we’ve pledged to do it by 2025, because the health of our nation’s kids can’t wait.

Part of our pledge is that we’ll work with 100 health-focused philanthropists, foundations, and corporations to help us achieve our bold vision.

We’re so grateful for this recognition, and excited about the upcoming partnership with like-minded leaders, organizations, and donors across the country.

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