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Protect School Food Heroes During COVID-19


School food service professionals have been essential in feeding America’s at-risk youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of children rely on school programs for the majority of their nutritional and caloric intake. Our school food heroes facilitated summer meal programs throughout the pandemic and are now working to deliver these vital meals in remote and hybrid-learning back-to-school environments. Eat REAL’s recent survey found that 67% of school leaders are very concerned about staff health and safety as they continue to provide a range of food programs from food delivery to school pick up.

School food services are integral in student’s success as hungry children have a hard time focusing, staying in school, and meeting educational milestones. Foodservice workers need proper protection so they can continue to fight the growing hunger and malnutrition problems our country is facing. That’s why we launched our COVID-19 Support Program that has already grown to a network of more than 2,000 schools. We support schools to help them continue to safely serve children meals, even if they’re participating in remote learning. Our program provides health and safety guidance, personal protective equipment (PPE) like reusable masks, and support. We are also leading real food pilots across multiple school districts to connect farmers’ unsold food products with families.

Donate to Eat REAL today so that we can continue to expand our support network to provide school food service heroes with the protection they need.

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