Let’s show the world how powerful 100 people can be

As part of our pledge to the White House Challenge to End Hunger & Build Healthy Communities, we’ve committed to help school districts improve menus for 1M children across the country by 2025. And we’re looking for 100 donors to help us get there.

Eat Real’s award-winning K-12 school food program nourishes the future of American kids by improving the nutrition and environmental impact of the meals they’re served.

Real Impact

As of 2023, we’ve reached over 360,000 kids at 600 schools—and we’re just getting started.

Eat Real’s community-driven model for change means that for every school district we certify, we reach an exponential amount of kids. And the impact stats keep rolling well after certification is done. The stats above were achieved by Eat Real partners in 2023 alone.

*Impact stats are estimates only, based on district enrollment. Exact meal participation data unavailable.

Kettle & Fire shares our vision of giving kids a healthy and delicious future on a livable planet through sustainable sourcing and regenerative farming. Regenerative farming focuses on habitat restoration, environmental preservation, and the health of animals, people, and the planet through eco-conscious practices. As a thank you to our Eat Real community, Kettle and Fire is offering 15% off on orders using the code EATREAL15.

“We want to offer meals that are delicious, local, and support the health of both our students and the environment! Eat Real is helping us make that happen.”

Christina Lawson, Western Placer Unified School District

Meet a Donor

These student-approved recipes and guides are designed for home kitchens and school cafeterias alike.

Mt. Diablo Unified Yogurt Parfait: for home & school

Download the recipe

Reducing added sugar at home

Download the guide

Minimally processed plant-based meals

Download the guide

About the White House Challenge

This February, Eat Real was invited by the White House to join their Challenge to End Hunger & Build Healthy Communities. We feel lucky to be one of the ambitious organizations, corporations, academia, and local municipalities who were selected to participate. The Challenge builds on the historic White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health hosted by President Biden in September 2022, where a National Strategy was released to end hunger, reduce diet-related diseases by improving healthy eating and physical activity, and eliminate disparities by 2030. In addition to government policies, a big part of that strategy is catalyzing the public and private sectors to address the intersections between food, hunger, nutrition, and health. We were one of only 141 cross-sector initiatives selected. Here is the summary of ours:

By 2025, Eat Real will expand its award-winning K-12 certification program to help school districts optimize $1 BILLION of their cafeteria budgets towards delicious, nutrient-dense, culturally relevant, and planet-sustaining food.

This translates into helping ONE MILLION children across the United States gain access to healthier meals. We will partner with 100 health-focused philanthropists, foundations, and corporations to achieve this bold vision. Are you ready to see Eat Real improving school meals in your community, and for students nationwide? Help us triple our state footprint this year and achieve our White House commitment.

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