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Optimize Your Immune System by Eating REAL

Optimizing your immune system is the metabolic version of “work smarter, not harder”.  As Dr. Greene talks about in his video above, by feeding and treating your body right you allow your immune system to really focus on keeping you healthy and protecting your body against harmful viruses and other pathogens. He offers 4 ways to do this: (1) Dial back your immune response, (2) Provision the system, (3) Cultivate a healthy microbiome, and (4) plenty of sleep and exercise. 

Reducing intake of outside toxins such as smoke and harmful chemicals, and increasing your access to fresh air, nature and sun play a significant role. However, the core message throughout this video is in order to really optimize, you need to eat real!

But what does it mean to “eat real”? Let’s Break it down into three simple points. We define real food as:
We believe in whole, unadulterated fruits, vegetables, and grains prepared in ways that not only bring out their beautiful flavors, but also maintain the most vitamins and minerals possible. As much as possible, we encourage purchasing certified organic or organically grown foods from local farms. Not only do they taste better, but they travel a shorter distance to your plate and support local economic and environmental health. Pretty simple, right?

We’ll be posting some real food tips and tricks on our instagram this week. Make sure to check it out and  comment some of your favorite ways to optimize your immune system!

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