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Listen Now: Eat REAL CEO, Nora LaTorre on Levels Health

Eat Real’s CEO and K-12 Program Founder Nora LaTorre joined LEVELS CEO & Co-Founder Casey Means on the Levels podcast to discuss Eat Real’s policy/advocacy, awareness building, and K-12 food system transformation work. They discuss why schools are one of the best levers out there for fighting the children’s health crisis and climate change. They dive deep into examples of how Eat Real creates systemic change and cover everything from Brain Gut Microbiome to redesigning the Farm Bill to simple ways families can get their children excited about healthy eating. 

The key takeaway is that our current food system is not healthy or sustainable for us or our planet. LaTorre notes that “The last 50 years have been a processed food failed experiment.” We spend trillions of dollars annually in healthcare when we could be investing billions in bringing local, sustainable, nutritious foods into our schools and communities. By using food as medicine for our children, we are setting them up to live longer and healthier lives.

“One of the things that’s not working is we’re not focusing on food, we’re not focusing upstream on what actually goes into the body to build the body and to generate health.” – Dr. Casey Means

With 5 billion meals served annually, our public schools have the ability to become the center of change, and within our own community of Eat REAL schools, we are seeing that change happen. “The Lunchroom can be the greatest classroom and solve so many of our problems,” LaTorre urges. Eat REAL is working down on the ground, empowering school food leaders to serve meals that are delicious, nutritious, climate-friendly, and culturally relevant. These meals teach children to learn to love real food and become our greatest real food advocates. 

You can stream the full Levels Health episode now on Apple, Spotify, and Youtube. We think this is the most powerful podcast episode on Eat REAL’s mission, community, and impact yet – please share it broadly.

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