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It’s Time to #DoRight

URGENT: Just last week, the USDA proposed unprecedented rollbacks to our country’s school food standards. According to these reduced standards, a hash brown is now considered a piece of fruit.

Allow me to state the obvious: A hash brown is not a fruit.

As a new mom, I feel an obligation to stand up on behalf of the health and wellness of our children.

I joined Eat REAL because we believe in raising food standards for our kids, not lowering them. That’s why we’re on a mission to support the school leaders, students and parents who are raising the bar for food. The time to raise our collective voices is now. We can ask the government to #doright.

School leaders have been on a journey to keep improving food at school for our kids. We need to continue that momentum. Let’s celebrate that leadership and innovation. We can keep reaching higher, not lower.

Our children are our future and their health is in our hands. Learn about how you can do right, get involved and support higher standards at

We need your support more than ever. More info & resources are below!

With Gratitude,

Why does this matter?
Our children are on track to have shorter lifespans than us. This is unacceptable. Our kids are getting sick from the unhealthy and processed food they’re eating. They deserve to be on the playground, not in the hospital. We need to improve our food system and raise our food standards so our kids can live long healthy and happy lives.

What happened?
The USDA released a proposal to reduce rules that promote nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, and protect our children’s health. Under the proposed revision, a processed vegetable flour based pasta could be considered a vegetable. A hash brown could replace fresh fruit. Three slices of pizza could replace a balanced meal. The “flexibility” allows for more fried and ultra-processed foods.

Food companies and lobbyist groups are incredibly powerful and influential in this country. The proposal is being made in the name of ‘flexibility’ and ‘food waste reduction.’ That said, USDA research proves that since 2012, when the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was implemented (through bipartisan support), our kids have been eating more nutritious food at school and food waste hasn’t increased. Can the standards be better? Yes! We believe in continuous improvement. For the most part, this is not that. This is creating loopholes to an approach that has proven to help our kids be healthier.

Who does this impact? 
Any child who eats any food at school. It will especially impact the 30 million who participate in the National School Lunch Program. There are 22 million kids from low income families who depend on the nourishment of school breakfast and lunch. This hurts all of our kids and especially the kids who need these meals the most.

What does Eat REAL do?
Our nonprofit has a program for school districts that supports them in their journeys to raise the food standards. It goes way above and beyond national standards. School Districts can get involved here.

What can I do? 

  • Visit
  • Share the photo and the video #doright #healthykids #eatreal #higherstandards 
  • Submit your comments here. Before you hit submit, screenshot them and post on social media with #doright #healthykids #eatreal #higherstandards #AHashBrownIsNotAFruit.


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