Bay Area based Nonprofit Launches Coinbase Inspired QR Code for a Cause…

...To Launch 2021 Impact Report Showing 600% Impact Growth

Eat REAL saw a 600% impact growth 2019-2021! Our program reaches over 200k students in 350 schools, increasing access to delicious, sustainable, and healthier real food so our children can flourish. Scan the above QR code with your phone’s camera!

All of the work we do is possible because of our generous Eat REAL supporters and real food advocates like you. Thank you! You are the reason we are able to transform school meals. Your belief in us helps to ensure more kids than ever have access to delicious, healthier, and more sustainable real food.

We’re on track to reach over 300,000 students in 2022, and we hope we have your continued support. Please consider making a monthly pledge or a new gift today.

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