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Happy Mother’s Day from Eat REAL

For Mother’s Day, Eat REAL would like to thank all the moms, mother figures, and caregivers for all you do – this year more than ever. Moms have risen above and beyond, taking on childcare, becoming homeschool teachers, carrying the weight of increased domestic responsibilities, and keeping their families fed during a global health pandemic. They shoulder the majority of the responsibility for shopping, cooking, and teaching their kids about nutrition.

Moms are the original real food advocates – They are champions of scratch cooking with real ingredients to ensure their families are fed and nourished. It’s no coincidence that we equate real food to ‘the food mom would make.’ Mom’s make eating real food fun, all while teaching us the best ways to nourish our bodies and fuel our minds. 

As children return to school, one of the best ways we can support moms is by ensuring their kids have access to real, healthful foods at school. Eat REAL helps schools improve their foodservice programs by increasing scratch cooking, reducing added sugars across several meal components, and revising menu items to include as many nutrient-dense and whole ingredients as possible. 


Happy Mother’s Day!

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