Eat REAL Summer Intern Program Sneak Peek: Motivational Workshop with Dr. Riva Robinson

Kicking off the final week of our intern program, guest speaker, Dr. Riva Robinson led our intern cohort through an inspiring conversation of self-value by outlining her five truths she wished she’d known as a young adult. We appreciate how she takes a holistic approach to health integrating healthy eating, active lifestyle, mindful moments, connections, and confidence. 

Through her personal stories, Dr. Robinson’s motivational workshop touched on incorporating these 5 important truths into your everyday life: 

  1. It’s not what I am, who I am
  2. Do less, be more
  3. My voice matters
  4. It’s ok not to fit in
  5. I am more than enough

With each truth, she opened the discussion to our interns to share their experiences and thoughts. Her guidance helped work through building self-confidence and self-care practices aligned with each truth.


Dr. Riva Robinson is a Functional Medicine doctor in private practice and published author of, “You’re More than Enough” 

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