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Eat REAL Presents, Good Mood Food

The expert panel discussion “Good Mood Food” on the connection between food, gut health, and brain health was fascinating. The session was a great conclusion to our #7DaySugarChallenge (a sugar elimination challenge held in partnership with the YMCAs of California). 

During this session, our panelists Dr. Riva Z. Robinson, Dr. Bojanna Jankovic Weatherly, and Author Sonia Hunt, discussed the positive impact Real Food has on our bodies and our minds. For the #7DaySugarChallenge participants, the panel also provided the opportunity to share their experience with eliminating added sugars in the recently completed challenge. 

Our Key Takeaways: 

  • There is a close connection between gut health and mental health. The connection between your gut and brain is not a one way street but more of an interconnected highway system.
  • Sugar reduction is a GREAT way to boost your mood, improve sleep, strengthen your gut, and reduce your risk of metabolic diseases.
  • Their sugar consumption directly impacts kids’ mental health.
  • “Micro-stepping and making small changes every day is the way to go to feel good.” – Sonia Hunt.

“100 Trillion bacteria live in our digestive system. There are 10x more bacteria in our gut than our own cells… This illustrates that when we choose what to put in our body, we also choose it for the bacteria and which bacteria we want to grow… and we need to tend to the good bacteria.”
Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly, MD, FACP, MSc, IFMCP

Please check out the full video above and share it with your friends, families, colleagues, schools, and other networks. 

If you’re able to help further the impact Eat REAL has on increasing real food access and improving the health of our youth through school meals, visit We are SO close to our $750k goal. Your gift can help us reduce sugar and add mood-boosting food at over 300 schools.

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