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Eat REAL Philanthropic Leadership Board

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“Better Together” is a deep-rooted value for our organization. We know that the more support and voices we can gather, the faster we can accomplish our mission, and the sooner we can raise awareness that real food can help solve our human and planet health crises. 

In 2020, we expanded our community and the movement in massive ways.  One key exciting new approach for us was launching Eat REAL’s Philanthropic Leadership Board. Our goal was to bring on a diverse group of real food advocates from different backgrounds and networks to help us build the movement vision and accelerate our impact. Each of the 12 members brings a unique set of super-powers and shares the common goal of creating a healthier next generation and planet. They’re also inspiring leaders in their fields who like to roll up their sleeves with us. 

From leading chefs to influential brands, and athletes, philanthropy experts, investors, doctors, pr experts, storytellers our philanthropic advisory board supports our work by bringing awareness to our programs, and offering their unique expertise on special projects and educational campaigns. Head to our website to learn more and stay tuned as we introduce each member throughout the year. 

Are you interested in sharing your talent, time, and treasure with Eat REAL? Click here to support our work or email to learn about other opportunities to get involved.

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