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Black Lives Matter

We Support BLM

Black lives matter. We stand for equality and justice. Racism and ignorance are never okay. We will listen, learn, stand up, and do the work necessary together to create lasting change.

We are committed to challenging systemic racism from hunger to healthcare to climate change where we see inequality every day based on the color of a person’s skin. This is not ok and it is our responsibility to recognize and rebuild these systems. We support our Black community members. We stand with you, mourn with you, and are committed to working hard to create change with you. We know there is a tremendous amount of ongoing work to be done. We will face this together.

We support #amplifymelanatedvoices to amplify Black voices and leadership. We’ll be taking a pause from any content creation through June 7th. Thank you to @jessicawilson.msrd and @blackandembodied for creating this movement.

We stand in solidarity.

We’ll say it again and again, Black Lives Matter.

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