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Behind the scenes of our rebrand from IDEO

Behind the scenes of our rebrand from IDEO

Shot by Melissa Schmidt at Eat Real Certified Natomas Unified School District

Those of you who have been following Eat Real for a while may have noticed a big shift this last October. New logo, new look, new website, new brand! It all stems from our partnership with world-renowned brand and product agency IDEO. The team there, led by our wonderful board member Meija Jacobs and her colleague Lindsey Turner, guided us through an intensive five-week sprint to help us redefine our brand expression as a powerful lever for our ambitions. You can read more about IDEO’s journey with Eat Real on their website.

Shot by Melissa Schmidt at Eat Real Certified Natomas Unified School District

Our new Chief of Staff, Natalie Linden, was thrilled to be the recipient of the new brand, given that she’s worked in branding for the last 20 years helping agencies, companies and organizations refine their strategy and storytelling. She pulled together an amazing team to handle the rollout, including creative director Emily Hale, designer Jess Smolinski, photographer Melissa Schmidt and web developer Jesse Hodges. “IDEO’s work gave us a tremendous foundation for reframing our story and bringing the vibrancy of our vision to everything we create,” Natalie says. “Plus, rolling it out has been so much fun.”

“IDEO was a powerful thought-partner and design guide. They gave us the brand building blocks we needed to achieve a new level of impact and to be recognized as one of the top nonprofits of our time.”

Nora Latorre, Eat Real CEO

One of our favorite outcomes of the IDEO partnership is our new tagline, “Nourish the Future.” Three simple words say everything about what we’re here to do: improve the health of our nation’s kids and that of the planet they’ll inherit. Thank you, IDEO, Meija, and Lindsey! Your contribution to our mission has been a total game changer!

About Eat Real

Eat Real nourishes the future of American school children by putting real food on the table at school, at home, and in local and national policy. Our award-winning K-12 certification program provides Food Service leaders with the framework and support they need to make their school menus delicious, nutritious, and planet-sustaining. Alongside our community of food system advocates, chefs, and parents, we spread the word about the power and urgency of serving real food at every meal. And we leverage our unique vantage point to push for system change, advocating for healthier policies and higher food standards at the local, state, and national level so every child can look forward to a healthy future.

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