Junk food shortening lives of children worldwide, data shows

Obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure at unprecedented levels due to spread of fast food and sugary drinks Originally posted on The Guardian Junk food and sugary drinks are taking an enormous toll on children around the world, with soaring numbers who are obese and millions developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes… Read More

Sacred Heart University Becomes the First REAL Certified College Campus in CT

Washington, DC (September 27th, 2016) The United States Healthful Food Council (USHFC) announced today that Sacred Heart University has become the first higher-education provider in the state of Connecticut to be audited and certified for Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership (REAL). “The food environment has a tremendous influence on dietary habits and health, which is… Read More

Investors urge food companies to shift from meat to plants

Orginally posted on Reuters By Simon Jessop | LONDON A group of 40 investors managing $1.25 trillion in assets have launched a campaign to encourage 16 global food companies to change the way they source protein for their products to help to reduce environmental and health risks. The investors, which include the fund arm of… Read More

Sweet Lies: How the Sugar Industry Tricked Us Into Worrying About Fat

Originally posted on Takepart.com Confidential documents show that an industry trade group was deeply involved in research that helped put fat at the heart of the diet debate. In 2007, Cristin Kearns was a general manager at Kaiser Permanente, where she ran a large group of dental practices. She was working with medical doctors at… Read More

The 5Q — Rooting Out Metabolic Terrorists: A New Paradigm in Food

A Chat with Lawrence Williams Originally posted on Tincture In the 5Q, Tincture gets together with leaders to discuss their day to day work and share their perspectives on healthcare, medicine, and progress. Lawrence Williams is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of the United States Healthful Food Council. He has spent his career at the intersection… Read More

It’s easy to become obese in America. These 7 charts explain why.

It’s easy to become obese in America. These 7 charts explain why. Originally posted on Vox.com It’s no secret that Americans have gotten much, much bigger over the past few decades. The signs are all around us, from XXXL clothing sizes to supersize movie seats and even coffins. According to the latest analysis from the… Read More

Part 1: Why more restaurants are getting REAL

Orginally posted on Fast Causal  By now, most members of the restaurant industry have heard of both the U.S. Healthful Foods Council and its program, Responsible Epicurean Agricultural Leadership, or REAL. The council has certified hundreds of restaurant brands nationwide that live up to its high standards for sustainable sourcing, environmentally sound practices, and healthful menus. Additionally, the… Read More

Americans Are Supersizing Themselves, but Experts Say Not All Hope is Lost

Originally posted on Healthline Experts say the deck is stacked against healthy food choices, but some believe the bloating of Americans won’t last forever. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported for years that more than a third of Americans are obese. Their latest report shows that while the average American… Read More

Caloric Restriction vs. Plant-Based Diets

Written by: Michael Greger M.D. on July 14th, 2016 Originally posted on NutritionFacts.org Hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United States every year are attributed to obesity, now overtaking smoking as perhaps the main preventable cause of illness and premature death. In particular, excess body fatness is an important cause of most cancers, according… Read More

ASPCA launches “Shop With Your Heart,” a campaign to help consumers improve farm animals’ lives through more welfare-conscious purchases

Originally Posted on PR Newswire NEW YORK, July 7, 2016 — Most Americans don’t know the true meaning of food labels like “cage-free,” “free-range,” or “grass fed” and falsely believe that farm animals are protected by laws or independent oversight according to the results of a new national survey* released today by the ASPCA® (The American… Read More