“It’s important to eat an array of colorful rainbow real foods.”
– Dr. Greene, Eat REAL’s Chief Pediatrician

The Challenge

“Rainbow” has taken on new meaning for families under quarantine due to coronavirus, and has become a sign of hope and that we are all in this together. Kids are joining in the #covidrainbow movement, creating and posting rainbows in windows and on social media.

#RainbowTacoChallenge takes the rainbow movement into the kitchen, connecting people through food and fun. Why?  Because a nutritious diet, filled with an array of colorful veggies, fruits, and whole grains is one of the best ways to support our immune systems. And, because we can all use some inspiration and new ideas for simple and healthy meals that we can make together…while still being apart.

The #RainbowTacoChallenge kicked off on Taco Tuesday, April 14, with a takeover by some of your favorite chefs, artists, and athletes.  Everyone has been sharing their “go-to” Taco recipes based on what they have on hand in their kitchen. Proceeds go towards helping schools distribute nutritious meals to low-income—and suddenly no-income—families and students who increasingly depend on these meals via school pickup or delivery.

Please join in the fun on Instagram: instagram.com/eatrealcertified.

We’d love to have you participate and challenge your friends to get involved. It’s as easy as posting a quick Instagram video or story with the hashtag #RainbowTacoChallenge and tagging @eatrealcertified.

Learn more about the story behind the #RainbowTacoChallenge and how your support can help us reach another 1,000 schools ASAP here.

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81% of school food service providers surveyed are very concerned that COVID-19 has restricted access to necessary school meals. Eat REAL’s COVID-19 Support Program helps schools continue to serve children meals safety, even during remote learning. Follow the link in our bio to learn more.

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100% of the school food service providers we surveyed agree that universal school breakfast and lunch is key to fighting the growing food insecurity in America. Follow the link in our bio to see how USDA’s waiver extension will help.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed America’s hunger and malnutrition problems into a state of emergency. Eat REAL launched our COVID-19 Relief Program to help schools continue to safely deliver nutritious school meals. Follow the link in our bio to learn more.

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Our food system is broken. Millions of Americans are unable to access or cannot afford real, nutritious foods. Eat REAL is supporting schools as they continue to safely deliver nutritious school meals and is helping them expand what they can offer to include additional food donations to feed the entire family. Follow the link in our bio to learn more.

#EatREAL #FoodEquity #FoodInsecurity #SchoolLunchForAll #HealthyKidsHealthyPlanet

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‘Like’ if you agree! The recent @nytmag article “America at Hunger’s Edge,” highlights the systemic food insecurity that one in eight American households currently face. Eat REAL is working to make systematic changes to increase food access and nutrition by supporting our public school food service programs. Follow the link in our bio to learn more.

#EatREAL #FoodEquity #FoodInsecurity #SchoolLunchForAll #HealthyKidsHealthyPlanet

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Back-to-school time always results in uncertainty and stress, but the 2020-21 school year reflects a fundamental shift in the challenges parents and children face. With remote learning and ongoing economic issues, more kids are hungry in America. Our food service professionals, who serve children and families five days a week, know how important their work is in the healing of our nation. Listening to their top concerns and lifting up these important workers can help us build a strong foundation for the next generation.

Link to the full survey report in our bio!

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