Thank you for helping us safely connect families to REAL food & support during this crisis. 

Our COVID-19 Pandemic Response

The Challenge

School is out and kids are at home. 30 millions kids and their families in the USA depend on school food as a primary source of nutrition. Families are feeling the impact and they need our support. Eat REAL is the trusted standard for school nutrition and is providing resources to support America to be healthy. 

Your donation is critical to get emergency funds to schools. Schools are now becoming food access points for students and families in need. They continue to provide breakfast and lunches for students at pickup/distribution points and now our school partners urgently want to give extra dinner + weekend meals to both kids and their families who need food. Food workers also need more supplies and information to continue running meal distribution safely.

Your support creates resources for families to stay #HealthyAtHome and support school heroes.

We Need You!

Dr. Jordan Shlain, Eat REAL’s founder and Board Chair, is a top voice on Coronavirus response.  With his guidance and your support, Eat REAL is raising funds to help our communities respond to this crisis. Learn more about our gofundme campaign here.

Eat REAL’s community of distinguished doctors, registered dietitians, nutritionists, culinary professionals, chefs, and K-12 experts are stepping up to the challenge.

What your Support Will Do

Your support will help families stay #HealthyAtHome and support school heroes on the frontlines to keep providing food.

We are launching the COVID-19 School Heroes Emergency Grant Fund for school staff so they can keep providing critical meals and resources to families in most need.

We’re deploying guidance for families on how to be healthy at home so we can boost our immune systems during this Public Health crisis.

We’re expanding our impact and scaling infrastructure so we can continue to invest in this response and future public health efforts.

Eat REAL is a Public Health through food and awareness non-profit with a proven ability to support a healthier tomorrow. Your support during this crisis is an investment in the United State’s short-term and long-term Public Health. Thank you!

*Your donation supports our organization to do emergency response efforts (emergency grants for more food for more people), provide resources for food workers (eg safety guides + equipment where possible) and families (vetted info and guides), as well as our work to increase access to real food.

How Else Can I Help?

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School is Closed

Students still need food. Help us feed kids and families.

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