Farm to Families via Schools Program


Participate in our Northern California Pilot Program

I’m a supplier who can donate excess food AND potentially sell excess food at wholesale price to be donated for this Pilot Program.

School Districts

Coming Soon

To start, we’re partnering with schools in our COVID-19 Program. Join that program by requesting reusable masks for your school district food staff and volunteers here.

Feeding Families

Schools are becoming major food access points and they need more support. With 33 million Americas suddenly without work or with limited work, demand for meals continues to rise. Did you know our school system is now providing more emergency meals than food banks? Many of these schools want to keep providing more food beyond the government funded breakfast and lunch meals. New research reveals that nearly 20% of young children in America​ are not getting enough food during the COVID-19 crisis so this is urgent.

We are piloting a new program to connect farms and suppliers to schools to meet this demand, support local agriculture, and reduce food waste by redirecting restaurant supply to where it is needed most.

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