“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates

This month we take a look at the importance of thoughtful and nutritious food preparation through new initiatives and inspiration, from our REAL restaurants, and easy ways to incorporate these values at home. 

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Our REAL Values: Epicurean

Unique dishes are the signature of any foodservice operation. While the daily offerings and recipes used differ, the one constant among REAL Certified meals remains the same: the preparation behind each meal served maintains, or enhances the healthfulness of the overall experience.  
According to a 2018 Gallup poll*, 49% of Americans eat outside of the home one or two times a week. This change in eating habits gives the foodservice industry more opportunity than ever to positively impact and improve the health of the communities they serve, and many are stepping up to the plate 

Newly Silver Certified Fresh Catch Poke uses air frying in place of harmful oils, and offers a menu abundant with whole proteins and vegetables. Platinum certified Greenfare Organic Café’s menu is free of sugar, salt, and fat. Tennesee Tech University is a leader among campus dining, continuously improving and increasing the number of healthy and balanced options available to students and faculty.  
The use of healthy fats, whole grains, limiting or eliminating added sugar, and including an abundance of minimally processed whole foods in your diet has been continually proven to prevent metabolic disease and improve your overall health. For years, these practices were not common among food service, but we’re seeing it begin to change.

Through our partnerships and work with restaurants and food service operators, Eat REAL has continued to inspire and drive these changes nationwide.


A Final Farewell to Trans Fats

Last month the FDA’s ban on artificial trans fats went into effect. As of June 18, 2018 foods were no longer allowed to be manufactured using partially hydrogenated oils. Furthermore, foods which had been manufactured prior to the compliance date must be out of circulation by January 1, 2020.*
“Ridding the food supply of partially hydrogenated oils will save tens of thousands of lives each year.” – CSPI Senior Scientist Michael F. Jacobson

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*Source: FDA

Breaking Down Fats

With National Avocado Day this past Tuesday, I was inspired to talk about fats! In the Epicurean Pillar, we focus on reducing “harmful fats”, such as trans fats and instead using healthful fats in food preparation. For this newsletter, I wanted to highlight the importance of proper use of fats in cooking.
-Kristin Zellhart Nutrition, Standards and Certification Manager

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Eat REAL Tennessee

Tennessee Tech University (TTU) became the first university in Tennessee to achieve REAL Certification. Tennessee Program manager, Nikkole Turner stopped by last week to visit the campus and see how REAL has had such a positive impact on the student and faculty community.

“Working with Tennessee Tech Dining and Teresa Hall R.D., L.D.N. has been a wonderful experience,” said Nikkole Turner, Eat REAL Tennessee project manager for the USHFC. “The TTU Dining, or the ‘Caf’ as the students call it, has worked with Eat REAL Tennessee to implement changes such as full servings of fruits and vegetables at the grill station and whole wheat pasta options every day. The students that I have spoken to are proud that TTU is the first in the State to achieve REAL Certified recognition.”

Tennessee Tech has continued to raise the bar for University Dining.  A list of local purveyors they partner with, along with their sourcing and sustainability commitments can be found on the cafeteria walls (pictured below). 

Certification Highlight: Fresh Catch Poke Co. 

Williamsville, NY

This month we would like to congratulate Fresh Catch Poke Co. on becoming REAL Certified! Fresh Catch’s focus on local and sustainable sourcing, responsible preparation, and participating in local food waste programs, have earned them Silver status.

“At Fresh Catch, we believe our poke is more than just some ingredients scooped into a bowl. Our products help you commit to a healthy lifestyle for your body and our world.”

Congratulations on becoming REAL Certified, and thank you for all of the incredible things that you do!

REAL Restaurant Spotlight: Greenfare Organic

A Restaurant on a Mission

Back in May, Greenfare Organic Cafe became the first Platinum REAL Certified restaurant in Virginia and one of only six in the country. Their unique restaurant concept and mission-driven business is truly something to be admired. Knowing how the power of eating the right foods can reduce the risk of disease, and have an extraordinary impact on the health of the planet as well, Gwyn Whittaker set out to educate and empower her community through her cafe. She hosts regular events bringing in medical and other industry professionals. Additionally, she has created a 21-day Kickstart program in order to show how easy and delicious eating REAL food can be.  We spoke with her to learn more about her journey and day to day life at Greenfare Organic Cafe. 

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Easy Recipes for Everyday Essentials

Clockwise from top-left: Marinara, Mayonnaise, Vegetable stock, Vinaigrette.

The day to day events and responsibilities of the week can make it hard to find the time to always cook at home. However, by replacing just a few everyday items with homemade versions can have a great impact on your health.

Many bottled and jarred condiments, sauces, and stocks have added sugars, high sodium levels, unhealthy oils, and preservatives. While “clean” versions are available, they can get pretty costly. Making items such as the ones we’ve included recipes for above, gives you control over what goes into each batch and the ability to enhance the healthfulness of the dishes you create with them.  

Share some of your favorite recipes by tagging us on Instagram @eatrealcertified!

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