It's Time to Raise Standards,
Not Lower Them.

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What Happened?

The USDA is proposing to reduce the rules for school lunch and breakfast that promote nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. These rules protected our children’s health. Under the proposed revision, a processed vegetable-based pasta could be considered a vegetable. A hash brown could replace fresh fruit. Slices of pizza could replace a balanced meal. The “flexibility” allows for more fried and ultra-processed foods.

Who Does This Impact?

Any child who eats any food at school. It will especially impact the 30 million who participate in the National School Lunch Program. There are 22 million kids from low income families who depend on the nourishment of school breakfast and lunch. This hurts all of our kids and especially the kids who need these meals the most.

What Can I Do?

Our nonprofit has a program for school districts that supports them in their journeys to provide the best food possible for our kids. Eat REAL Certification goes above and beyond national standards.

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A Hash brown is not a fruit

At Eat REAL, we believe in raising standards not lowering them. We are on a mission to support the school leaders, students, and parents who are raising the bar for our kids and for the future. 

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