Clif Bar Café Showcases Company’s Wellness Goals

By Mike Buzalka || Food Management || August 18, 2017 Known for its healthful snack products, the company makes a major commitment to nutrition and sustainability in its onsite dining program as well. Kali’s Kitchen feeds an average of 70 at breakfast and 140 at lunch on a typical day. Kali’s Kitchen, the onsite café… Read More

Program ethically certifies eateries; one in Arkansas takes spot on list

By Nathan Owens Arkansas Online || July 4, 2017 As a way to make healthful and sustainable foods more profitable for producers and to give consumers peace-of-mind about what they’re eating, the U.S. Healthful Food Council developed Eat REAL, a nonprofit group designed to improve the quality of restaurant fare and treatment of farm animals. With… Read More

Going Rogue: McDonald’s swipes ‘small food’ reformer

Originally published on The New Food Economy. All about the Benjamin. If food media had a Page Six, you’d surely find this tasty tidbit lurking therein: Claire Benjamin DiMattina, executive director of Food Policy Action (FPA), a group co-founded in 2012 by chef Tom Colicchio to promote policy change through education and its publication of… Read More

Sugar is the ‘alcohol of the child’

Dr. Robert Lustig || The Guardian || January 4, 2017 “On average, cereal contains a whopping 12g of sugar, all added, in a typical serving.” // Stockbyte/Rex Features Breakfast is considered by most nutrition experts, including Public Health England, to be the most important meal of the day. It gets your brain and your metabolism… Read More