ASPCA launches “Shop With Your Heart,” a campaign to help consumers improve farm animals’ lives through more welfare-conscious purchases

Originally posted on PR Newswire NEW YORK, July 7, 2016 — Most Americans don’t know the true meaning of food labels like “cage-free,” “free-range,” or “grass fed” and falsely believe that farm animals are protected by laws or independent oversight according to the results of a new national survey* released today by the ASPCA® (The American… Read More

Tennessee Tech Becomes the First REAL Certified Campus in the State

Originally posted on Digital Journal The United States Healthful Food Council (USHFC) announced today that Tennessee Technological University has become the first university in the state and is the third nationwide, to be audited and certified for Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership (REAL). REAL Certified is the nationally recognized mark of excellence for food and… Read More

How to Treat Prediabetes with Diet

[Image Credit: Alden Chadwick / Flickr. This image has been modified] Follow Dr. Michael Greger, as he chronicles the ins and outs of lifestyle modification as it pertains to diet and prediabetes. Outlining the benefits of a low-fat, low-sugar, plant-based diet, Dr. Greger questions the sparsity of lifestyle recommendations in traditional medicine.  Leaving us with the… Read More

Frozen Food 3.0: The Future Of The Freezer Aisle

By Lawrence Williams || Featured in Food+Tech Connect || February 9, 2016 Several companies started marketing single-serve frozen dinners after World War II, but it was the Swanson-brand “TV Dinner” that helped turn them into a staple in most suburban homes. Over the past decade or so, however, concerns about health, quality and taste—as well… Read More

The Dichotomy of the Modern Food Revolution and How It Overcomes the Challenges of a Generation

Written by: Melissa Rouse || Originally posted by the Institute for Responsible Nutrition Social patterns surrounding food production and consumption are, like all things, cyclical. Perhaps the most notable transformation in this industry was the shift in the relationship between people and the food they consumed during and after the Industrial Revolution. The changes that took place… Read More

What’s in Your Restaurant? The Growing Demand For Transparency

We have all seen the “What’s in your wallet?” commercials from Capital One featuring the amazing Samuel L. Jackson. The premise of the commercials is simple – it’s hard to know which credit card companies to trust and which ones are just trying to make a buck. The fine print, ambiguity, and marketing tactics leave… Read More