Food CMO’s Guide to Choosing a Social Monitoring Tool

By Keith Butler || April 4, 2017 Originally posted by EvansHardy+Young The large number of social monitoring tools available makes choosing the correct one a challenge for food commodity and CPG brands. At EvansHardy+Young, we take an aggressive approach to tool selection, and you should too. We know selecting the right tool is a crucial business… Read More

To juice, or not to juice?

Originally from Wellseek. Please note, the author’s views do not necessarily reflect the views of USHFC. With juice bars popping up everywhere, the concept of cleansing and detoxing with a liquid diet has never been more mainstream. Let’s get to know this popular trend with nutrition Expert Mascha Davis and how it really impacts our health…. Read More

7 Habits of Highly Effective Fruit & Veggie Marketers

By Dennis Hardy EvansHardy+Young For more food marketing insights, check out their blog. Stephen Covey first published his hugely popular book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, back in 1989. Since then, a cottage industry seems to have risen up with various pundits proposing their own “seven habits” lists for all kinds of industries and… Read More

Fresh, Healthy Food Is Not a Trend. It’s a Movement.

by John Kell || Originally posted on Fortune || November 30, 2016 To watch video of the interview, click here.  Consumers want fresher, cleaner food labels. The consumer-driven shift toward fresher, cleaner foods isn’t a fad. It is a movement that is here to stay. That’s the expert opinion shared by all three food-focused panelists that appeared at the… Read More

Investors urge food companies to shift from meat to plants

By Simon Jessop || Orginally posted on Reuters || September 26, 2016 A group of 40 investors managing $1.25 trillion in assets have launched a campaign to encourage 16 global food companies to change the way they source protein for their products to help to reduce environmental and health risks. The investors, which include the fund arm of… Read More

It’s easy to become obese in America. These 7 charts explain why.

Updated by Eliza Barclay, Julia Belluz, and Javier Zarracina || Originally posted on Vox || October 13, 2017 [We’re bombarded with ads for greasy, sugary junk food. Sisacorn/Shutterstock] It’s no secret that Americans have gotten much, much bigger over the past few decades. The signs are all around us, from XXXL clothing sizes to supersize movie seats and… Read More

Americans Are Supersizing Themselves, but Experts Say Not All Hope is Lost

Originally posted on Healthline The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported for years that more than a third of Americans are obese. Their latest report shows that while the average American isn’t getting any taller, they are getting wider by an average of 15 to 16 pounds since the late 1980s…. Read More