Meet Eat Real Cohort 2022

Eat REAL’s fourth cohort represents 118,800 students in California. This cohort represents the diversity of the state and is led by inspiring Directors working to raise the bar for school food.

School Meals are a Climate Solution

There are nearly 50 million students enrolled in almost 100,000 public schools across the nation. These students eat a significant portion of their daily calories at school and with Universal Free Meal programs expanding, schools meals are a powerful way to shift our food system. Every day, we have the opportunity to invest in the … Read more

“Be kind. Be useful.” – President Obama. And other takeaways from Klick Health IDX Conference 2022

Leerom Segal, Klick Health Co-Founder, and Chairman + Former U.S. President Barack Obama Emily Fowler, Eat Real Champion Rich Levy, Klick Health Chief Creative Officer + Emily Fowler, Eat Real Champion The much anticipated return of #KlickIDX was an energized balance of cutting edge science & engaging human experience that culminated with an hour-long fireside … Read more

Human Biography: In Dialogue with Nora LaTorre

Eat REAL CEO Nora LaTorre sat with Sharad Kharé on the Human Biography Podcast to talk about Eat REAL, our work, and the deep systemic food system issues facing our nation today.  The conversation focuses on Eat REAL’s role in expanding access to nutritious food through schools. In addition to the award-winning certification program and … Read more

Why We Support Increasing Regenerative Organic Practices

Regenerative Organic Agriculture is an approach to food and farming systems that focuses on soil health, conserving water, sequestering carbon, and promoting biodiversity. It overlaps with organic practices, which means no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, etc. Many different practices can be considered “regenerative,” and different soil types, geography, or climate may require other … Read more

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