The USHFC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nongovernmental organization dedicated to fighting diet-related disease by realigning the food industry’s incentives with consumers’ health interests.

USHFC Mission

The mission of the USHFC is to increase production and consumption of healthful and sustainable food for all communities. Through partnerships and innovative solutions, we aim to transform our food system and eliminate the epidemics of diet-related disease.

USHFC Vision

The USHFC envisions an America free from the diet-related diseases that cut short or debilitate too many precious lives before they have reached their full potential. This will be an America where children learn a life-long appreciation for nutritious and sustainable food from their families and communities, and where healthful food and beverages are both good for consumers and good for business.

By building partnerships with communities, businesses, educational institutions, other nonprofits and thought leaders, we intend to serve all individuals and communities by promoting innovative solutions to America’s epidemic of diet-related diseases.

Informed by the challenges of America’s increased incidences of diet-related diseases, the USHFC pursues its mission with both excellence and compassion.

The USHFC is:

  • Challenging food and foodservice operators to attain higher standards of nutrition and sustainability
  • Educating and connecting consumers seeking healthful and sustainable food with the food and foodservice operators that provide them
  • Helping transform the supply chain and food system
  • Increasing the demand for healthful food and beverage
  • Engaging the public with information on the connection between food and diet-related diseases
  • Supporting the industry in providing healthier and more sustainable options without sacrificing the flavor of offerings or reducing profitability
  • Expanding marketplace support of sustainable agricultural practices that will benefit the health and economies of rural areas