About REAL 25

Finding high-quality, healthy food – whether you’re traveling, or in your home city – is often harder than it should be.

Maybe you find a vegan restaurant that doesn’t source locally or a gluten-free-friendly spot where half the menu has been deep-fried. Whatever your conundrum, we’ve got the solution: Eat REAL® presents REAL25 – a list of the healthiest restaurants in cities across the nation, from a truly holistic perspective.

real 25

REAL25 restaurants have been selected through a comprehensive algorithm that takes into consideration how your food is made, where it comes from, and which health-focused diets it accommodates (amongst other things). The selections are then run past a local Expert Advisory Board to verify the quality of the food served.

In being selected for REAL25, these establishments have been recognized by Eat REAL as contenders for Eat REAL Certified – the nationally trusted mark of excellence in the foodservice community for nutrition and sustainability best practice.