Welcome to the #7DaySugarChallenge!

What Is It?

It’s simple. Cut out added sugar from what you eat and drink for 7 days.
You won’t be alone. Join thousands of others in the YMCAs of California and Eat REAL challenge to find out just how powerful real food can be!

Why Take Part?

Eating less sugar can be a mood booster and improve sleep. Plus, it quickly improves metabolic health. What’s exciting is that within 7-days these changes can start to happen.

When Is It?

The #7DaySugarchallenge starts

Monday, November 8th

Why Others Have Joined the #7DaySugarChallenge!

Jiwon J
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"As someone who has a big sweet tooth, I'm taking the #7daysugarchallenge to push myself physically and mentally and see how I feel making healthier decisions!"
Beth S
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“I’m excited to take the #7DaySugarChallenge with my 2 teenagers so that we can all *feel* together what a difference removing sugar makes!”
Kristin Z
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"I am taking the sugar challenge as a way to invest in my health and lead by example!"
Sarah F
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"I'm taking the challenge to feel better, sleep better, and practice some #SelfCare."
Nora L
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"My kids are my motivation! #healthyfamilygoals"
Cat M
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"To kick sugar addiction"
Mike C
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"My Friends inspired me!"
Elizabeth E
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"To help build a healthier lifestyle and give my body the nutrients it needs."
Kari Y
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I’m taking the #7daysugarchallenge because it sounds hard. But I know I can do hard things.
Aleida P
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"I am taking the challenge to 'challenge' myself and give myself more self care"
Brian R
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"I want to take part in this challenge to prove to myself that I am committed to changing my life."
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"I am tired of needing sugar to boost energy and mood and the guilt cycle that follows right after."
Christine S
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"I would like to see if I have more energy without it."
Annika B
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"I really do need a break from sugar and in need of some support"
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"I want to improve my overall health and want to focus on eliminating sugar and improving the quality of my food."
Joanna G
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"This is a great way to start off the holiday season!"
Rhonda S
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"To be more aware of added sugars and practice self care."
Paula S
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"I’m taking the #7DaySugarChallenge to support a healthier me & encourage a healthier you!"
Paula S
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"I’m taking the #7DaySugarChallenge to support a healthier me & encourage a healthier you!"
Leanne P
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"I’m taking the #7day sugar challenge to improve sleep and feel energized."
Joan M
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"I’m addicted to sugar but feel I need to do this!"
Jenny W
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"Sugar from Halloween candy made me feel queasy."

Tell Us Why You're Taking the Challenge

Why Reduce Sugar?​

77 grams of sugar. That’s how much Americans consume in a day, on average. That adds up to 60lbs a year—the typical weight of a Golden Retriever!
For kids, sugar intake is even higher, averaging 81 grams. With more than 250 sneaky names for “sugar,” it’s no surprise that kids end up consuming 6x more than what’s recommended in a day. Reducing sugar can improve mental health, help our bodies better fight disease (including covid-19), and expand our lifespan.

What are 'Added' Sugars?​

“Added” sugars are added to food during processing. Cereal, snack bars, sauces, and salad dressings all typically contain added sugars.
"Free” sugars naturally occur in products like juice, syrups, and agave that have been stripped of their fiber and additional minerals.
These sugars jolt insulin levels and can, over time, lead to an increased risk of diseases like diabetes. Wine, beer, and alcohol have a similar impact and can lead to liver damage if not consumed in moderation.

How Do I Prepare?

Start cutting back on sugary/alcoholic/juice beverages before the 8th.  Check out the labels of your food to understand where sugar is hiding.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Check out some suggested food swaps below, and be on the lookout for daily emails to support you throughout the challenge. We’ll share tips to keep you motivated, along with exciting articles, health and sugar information from Eat REAL’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Robert Lustig.

About The YMCA

At the Y, strengthening the community is our cause. We believe that lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together to invest in our kids, our health, and our neighbors.
Across California, there are 30 independent charitable YMCA associations and 3 Armed Services YMCAs. Working together leverages our collective impact through our various programs including Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. Assisting our communities in these specific program areas ensures a better future for all.
If you’re looking for a place to call your home, find your local Y here.

About Eat REAL

Eat REAL® is a 501(c) (3) Public Health nonprofit organization based in Richmond, California. Eat REAL is dedicated to transforming food in K-12 schools, creating a healthier next generation and planet. Launched in 2012, Eat REAL Certified is a nutrition and sustainability best practices certification program working with school district food service leaders to raise the bar and make food in schools more nutritious and sustainable. Eat REAL’s core program currently supports 300 schools, reaching over 200,000 students.

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