Ristorante i Ricchi

1220 19th Street, NW, Washington, 20036
Rating: 4.2

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Monday: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, 5:30 – 9:30 PM
Tuesday: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, 5:30 – 9:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, 5:30 – 9:30 PM
Thursday: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, 5:30 – 9:30 PM
Friday: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, 5:30 – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 5:30 – 10:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

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Great service and great food. The walnut cheesecake is insanely good.


Disappointing, with two exceptions. We ordered six items. Two were quite good. The others were mediocre. Our appetizers were fried calamari and a scallop/gnocchi/mushroom dish. The calamari was average, not bad, but the orange/red dipping sauce was flavorless and needed heat (peppers). The scallop/gnocchi was better but still not what I'd call delicious. Our pasta course was excellent: a house-made spiral pasta with salmon in a cream sauce that should be placed on the regular menu (it was a daily "special") and a mushroom risotto that was splendid. Finally, we ordered a T-bone steak and an 8 oz filet "Gypsy style." I didn't taste the T-bone but my companion said it lacked flavor and was tough. I ate the filet although I could not taste the meat because of the riotous "Gypsy" ingredients, but the thing that utterly ruined it for me was a timbale with white truffle. Now, I don't know if it was real truffle shavings or truffle oil (which is a lab-made chemical flavoring, but it overwhelmed the entire dish with that noxious, obrtbearing, truffle-oil flavor. Very disappointing. I heard that some of the desserts were good, but we we're too full.


Always a great dinner here. Sometimes the Antipasti are as filling as the Pasta or Secondi. A good example is the minestrone soup I enjoyed the other night, a special on the day's menu. The description said it contained 10 vegetables! I lost count at five, and that didn't include the cannellini beans. It was delicious!


I broke Dining Rule #1 and ordered a steak at an Italian Restaurant. It was the absolute driest cut I've ever had. (Medium) What made the experience even worse is that our waiter completely forgot about us when another table was seated. Valentines Day wasn't ruined but I'll never patronize this restaurant again...


Best Tiramisu in the city. The bread is to die for. Service is excellent, and some of the best around. Additionally the food is fresh with subtle flavors. Definitely stop by.


My friends and I enjoyed lunch here during Restaurant Week. To start us off, the server poured olive oil on our bread plates with a small dab of balsamic vinegar in the center, and then gave us a bread basket of strips of an Italian bread, some having a slice of tomato baked on top - delicious. I started with the bruchetta, which was a huge slice of Italian bread cut into thirds: one part topped with cannoli beans, one piled high with small cubes of perfectly ripened tomatoes doused in olive oil and fresh herbs (my favorite), and one topped with whipped ricotta (about twice as much as could be eaten). The salmon entree turned out to be large chunks of cooked cold salmon atop a bed of greens with random accompanying items including half a hard boiled egg - the serving was not exciting or even spiced noticeably but provided a pleasant lunch. For my dessert, the tiramisu was a tastefully done 3-inch square. My friends enjoyed other dessert options: blueberry panna cota and gelato served with a huge sweet biscuit. We enjoyed the meal but it did not seem particularly Italian and did not inspire any desire to make another visit soon.


Wine list is great, cocktails are fun. Food is usually wonderful, but I would skip their restaurant week menu. Ordered the Pesce and it was literally two shrimp with tomato sauce on top... The other options looked just as simple. Regular menu is much better.


Impeccable service and food. Expect the classics with innovative creations sprinkled among them


Visit this place when I'm on town for an annual conference. Meals are delicious and well proportioned. Save room for desert!


Went for a rehearsal dinner and everything was wonderful!! Very delightful staff and great food


Just wanted to share our beautiful experience from i Ricchi Italian Restaurant in DC. Every food made from scratch. Their homemade gelato and cheese cake was the best!!!! Exceptional waiters and very cozy atmosphere. My iPhone photos do not justice deliciousness of each food!


Thoroughly enjoyed the food. We had a set menu as part of a large party and i was unsure about the choices. I had salmon with rapini and something else. It was delicious. We also had some appetizer plate. The calamari was my favorite on the plate but all three were good. I think it was bruschetta and toast with beans. Tiramisu for dessert is always the way to end the meal.


Great service! excellent food. very nice environment to have a business lunch, where you can hear each other. The maitre d was very accommodating to a late guest.


Great outdoor seating! We were able to get a coupon on a deal site for 2 appetizers and 2 entrees for about half price. The pasta, like the pictured squid ink pasta with house made sausage, was lovely. If you like mushrooms, dont pass up the fungi appetizer.


Good food and filling portions. The staff was exceedingly kind and very welcoming. We left full and satisfied and will return.


Their food made me feel like I was back in Italy again. Best Italian food in Washington DC. Really recommend if you love Italian food and it was the perfect price. Definitely go during the Cherry Blossom Festival because they have the cherry picks menu which is what I got and it was amazing.


Amazing food! We came for lunch and I had the seasonal char and my friend ordered the seasonal pasta with a salmon—it was so much food but we made it through dessert and I would come back just for the dessert! The chocolate meringue is now my new favorite dessert and my friend loved the cheesecake too! I’m definitely coming back


I broke Dining Rule #1 and ordered a steak at an Italian Restaurant. It was the absolute driest cut I've ever had. (Medium) What made the experience even worse is that our waiter was completely forgot about us when another table was seated. Valentines Day wasn't ruined but I'll never patronize this restaurant again...


I broke Dining Rule #1 and ordered a steak at an Italian Restaurant. It was the absolute driest cut I've ever had. (Medium) What made the experience even worse is that our waiter was completely forgot about us when another table was seated. Valentines Day wasn't ruined but I'll never patronize this restaurant again...


Love this restaurant! The food and service is excellent. If you are able to obtain a Groupon for it when it's available it's a great deal for what you will get! The scallops with gnocchi and the calamari appetizers are both delicious!


Went for restaurant week with a party of 6 and we were all very excited about the $35 pre fixed meal. We also ordered two $30 bottles of wine to share with the table. The quality of the food was that of Italian chain restaurants, such as Buca di Beppo or Olive Garden, but you could tell that the food wasn't microwaved as they usually do at these chains. I Ricchi brags at taking pride in authentic Tuscan fare, but as someone who has lived in the Tuscan region it was far from such and ultimately a huge let down. The dishes we ordered were also missing many of the elements the menu stated they would have. For example, my cauliflower farro salad only a 5 grains of farro sprinkled on the top and was completely missing the cauliflower all together. Essentially, food was mediocre, not mind blowing as expected, and I would be reluctant to return to the restaurant even for the bargain pre fixed meal. On top of this mediocre quality, our server (Said) was incredibly rude, blunt, and pushy. He judged our initial wine choice and pushed us towards more expensive options. He also offered us limoncello shots at the end and we accepted. In typical Italian restaurants (in both the US and in Italy), limoncello, amaretto, or sambuca is often given as a complimentary gift at the end of a meal to thank customers for business. Upon receiving the bill, we realized that our server GROSSLY overcharged us for these sips of limoncello, and had automatically added a gratuity of 22% onto the bill. We were absolutely stunned but as this was a celebratory dinner, we were reluctant to ruin the mood and paid our bills in silence. Upon returning to the table with our receipts to sign, our server than said that two of our cards had been declined stating that he "tried them multiple times but it looks like you're broke." We looked at him blankly and then he indicated that he had made a joke. This was incredibly distasteful, rude, and quite awkward. I will never in my life be seen again in this hell hole of a restaurant and would suggest those who seek a pleasant dining experience to stay away. I would only recommend dining at i Ricchi to those who wish to be berated by their server and served mediocre food at exorbitant prices.


Fantastic meals. Everything was very well prepared and service was well orchestrated.


Fantastic service, pretty good food. Pollo Balsamico was very well cooked and the potatoes were a nice addition. I don't normally order dessert but I did here and it was a great end to a solid meal. Atmosphere was wonderful.


Nice upscale Italian restaurant. Good wine selection and fresh, good fiod.


Delicious. I had a pasta trio which was awesome, though the stuffed tortellini was by far my fave. Good ambiance, good date spot.


Excellent Italian food and good service. The desserts are especially good. Missing the fifth star because it is overpriced and the wait staff were not the most friendly, they seemed in a hurry to have us in and out, at $120 apiece that isn't cool. A colleague of mine ordered a pasta course and got a few medium-sized tortellini that weren't especially fancy for $26. The calamari we had were had some tough pieces. Altogether the food was very good, but except for dessert we could have had an equivalent experience at half the price elsewhere.


I don't know what was more amazing, the food or the service! I am not in Washington DC all the time, but I will definitely go back next time I'm there. The service was impeccable, staff on hand took excellent care of us. I loved the extra attention. I would highly recommend this restaurant for a special occasion! The food was fabulous! The scallops were perfectly cooked and the sauce and accompaniments were perfect. The risotto was to die for, with tons of lobster! My hubby's steak was so tender it hardly needed cutting and we were so full we couldn't even fit dessert, but took it back to the room with us for later. It was also awesome! I can't rave enough about I Ricchi!!


Charming warm ambiance inside. Terrace outside as well. Staff is very nice. We had the scallops (2, would have liked more but it was an appetizer) which were delicious and very good mussels; then the Milanese (a bit dry) and lamb chops. Very well cooked despite being thick, they were not the skinny kind with bones. We finished with a chocolate meringue dessert with mousse inside, highly recommended. So far they are on Groupon with a very good deal.


I wanted to take my fiancé on date here and had one of the worst experiences. The food was ok, but not worth the high price tag. The service was straight up awful. Rude and disrespectful! That's the short version. Long version: I came here with a coupon and we felt that we got treated differently because of that. We got seated at the worst table in the restaurant. A tiny table right at the wall with not enough space to move. After asking they were so nice to give us a new table. So far so good. Then the waiter came. He was very rude and made us feel uncomfortable with the way he talked down to us. I had bought the groupon three course menu for two with wine. First, there are some limitations as to what you can order. Some entrees require an 8$ update and you can only choose between the red or White House wine, which is ok to me. I just would have liked to know that before going. The gypsy style filet was overcooked and nothing special.


Food was mediocre, the service was horrible. They set us at the worst table, even though the restaurant had plenty other free tables. The waiter was very rude and disrespectful, talked down to us. Will recommend stay away from this place, you can find much better Italian restaurants.


I was surprised when the waitress suggested the chicken and to my surprise wad amazing.


Very nice cozy place, food is great. I had chosen Groupon coupon value of 169$ for two guests but we didn’t get that amount of food and drinks they just tried to give cheapest ones. That value is not for what we choose. It includes appetizers, main course wines and desserts.Total was 120$ something. I could say it was waste of money. If you want to eat there don’t use Groupon. If you don’t use Groupon you might get what ever you want also you manage your total or value.


Everything was absolutely amazing. Great food, wonderful ambience, serving staff are extremely knowledgeable of the menu and very attentive, great wine list. The desserts were absolute perfection.


The food, drinks, service, and ambiance were excellent. However, my expectations were quite high and for the price, I was satisfied but not amazed.


Excellent service, ambiance and authentic Italian food


The food was exquisite. The service was super slow.


Awesome food and service! Will return on my next visit


Food and atmosphere were great. Our server was Hicham and was great host. Suggestions were spot on.


Scollop appetizer unbelievable! Sauce incredible. Gypsy steak so tender you can cut it with a fork! Cannot wait to see what dessert is like. Definitely give this a superior rating.


Great service but the food wasn't very good at all. Given the price you're paying, I'd avoid this place. The waiter was friendly and helpful in selecting a good wine to pair with our dinner.


This place has become my favorite neighborhood haunt. Their regular events are awesome...make sure to ask about them! The meatballs on polenta and the tortelloni are my favorite go to meals!!! I go so often, everybody there knows my name!! Highly recommended


Thank you so much for the dinning experience. I’ve never had one quite like this anywhere else. This is the reason why I Ricchi is by far the best dinning option I recommend to anyone in DC. Anastasia was a breath of fresh air and had smiles for days. She was pleasant all the way through. The bartender, for the life of me I cannot recall his name, was very charming and held a very entertaining conversation with me while I was waiting for my table. He gave me his recommendations and they were on point and delicious. Tia was amazing as well. Her knowledge on the specials and dishes offered I Ricchi was mind blowing. Not even I could remember all of that. Her service was top notch. She is truly a gem. All in all, the staff was excellent, the food was magnificent and I felt welcomed. Everyone that I encountered was very pleasant.


Very good rustic, northern Italian restaurant. Breads they make are superb. We tried a number of dishes and they were all excellent. Maybe the best service I have ever experienced in DC.


We had a business dinner for 4 people. Our waitress was rude and condescending. She was very knowledgeable of the food but "required" that we order our appetizers and mains at the same time. She seemed unable to accept anything but her method for our order. The food was good but I would not return.


Outstanding restaurant. Excellent service and cuisine. Excellent wine list.


Ambiance, service and fresh food are some of the best in the city! Even though it is a classy joint they were so sweet with my kids. Can't recommend enough!


Authentic classy Italian cooking. Posh service without the attitude, indeed, with genuine warmth.


The only thing that marred the evening was a mistake in the kitchen regarding our order. So one plate was significantly delayed getting to table. Otherwise it was an exceptional meal. Friendly people and excellent service (ask for Tia). My first experience at I Ricchi was about a year after it opened. Thought it was exceptional then. And I think it remains exceptional now. BTW, the Mixed Grill is amazing!


I have eaten here several times but my last experience was amazing and the best ever! I met two very dear and old friends for lunch. I was greeted and soon my party joined me. The food was excellent and our server was very sweet and personable. I can't recommend this restaurant enough. Just a great experience with my friends made outstanding by the staff!


Terrible. I wasn't feeling very well, and thus didn't want to eat very much, but the waiter picked up on it right away that I/we wouldn't be ordering too much and gave me the brushoff. Extremely rude, acting like this was some big-time restaurant. The pasta I ultimately got was all dried-out, as well. Awful. Especially when there are so many excellent alternatives in this town.


Carlos, our server, made this a fantastic eating experience! He was superb as was the food. I can't recommend it enough. Eat at I Ricci's and you will be glad you did.


Disclaimer: I'm super biased because this is my favorite restaurant in DC. I Ricchi is amazing. One of the few places that offers a free valet service, which is almost harder to find then a downtown parking spot. That definitely takes away a lot of the stress of eating out -- the "out" part and the adventures in parking that go along with it lol. If you happen to get there during happy hour, treat yourself to a cocktail (or two) and conversation with the friendliest bartenders around. Also, be on the lookout for the tastiest complementary appetizers delivered by waitstaff or even Ms. Ricchi herself, who by the way is an amazing woman. After being seated, you're promptly greeted by professional (extra emphasis on professional) waitstaff who are both knowledgeable about everything on the menu as well as good pairings and display an unparamounted attentiveness and courtiousness to each customer. Now to the main attraction: the food. It's always superb. I have never been to a more consistent restaurant at giving the highest quality of food and service. Everything is perfectly cooked and seasoned. And the homemade bread... my mouth waters just thinking of it. This last time I had the Bistecca Al'Arrabbiatta (sp?) medium-rare, and it was the juiciest steak I'd had in a while. Served with grilled mixed vegetables and fried palenta. It was so good that I had to choose between devouring the whole meal and saving half so I could taste it again. Naturally, I saved some lol (SCALE 1-5) SERVICE: 5 AMBIANCE: 5 PARKING/VALET: 5 FOOD: 5+ LIKELIHOOD TO RETURN: 5


The food was amazing the service was even better the seating was a little bit tight but it didnt matter much. We go here all the time


Great dining experience. Service was helpful and really friendly. Wines were reasonable priced for restaurant. Food was outstanding. Had risotto, outstanding. Then had swordfish special. Very well done.


There is one grade for this restaurant. It is this. This is the only Italian Restaurant I can honestly patronize in the DC area. It is perfect. I am Italian American, I can make most of the food that you get in Italian Restaurants. The food here is so far above an Italian Restaurant, it deserves just being called I Ricchi. If you like food, you will sit and marvel all night. Then there is the service, which is impeccable. I will take off a half point for the cacaphonous room, but it is not usually an issue.


When we lived in Boston, my husband came to D.C. on business and called i Ricchi "his oasis". That was when i Ricchi first opened, 27 years ago. Indeed, eventually dining with him at the restaurant during the 1990s, what stood out was the hushed atmosphere, excellent food, but mostly the impeccible and unobtrusive wait staff. In fact, when we ate there with a friend two years ago, we were still very much pleased with the food, and with the waiter who was attentive but not hanging over us. Last night, we decided to try the restaurant again for an early Mothers' Day celebration - just the two of us - for a quiet evening alone. Our waitress was so obtrusive I came away feeling as though an uninvited guest had joined us at the table. It was surprising enough that, when our meals arrived, she insisted on leaning over our plates, describing each item we had ordered (as if we didn't remember), but upon delivering our dessert menus, she insisted on standing there and reading the selections to us! Besides all this, she seemed to be training another waitress (on a Saturday evening?), and the woman, who shadowed her, looked scared. My beet salad, Bronzino, and the semifreddo (a layered meringue dessert) were delicious. The fish was very hot, juicy, and flavorful. The green beans were cooked perfectly. We were told desserts are house-made, and it showed. My husband ordered the Caprese salad; had issues with the Mixed Grill (the prosciutto made the quail too salty, and the meat had not been cooked properly). He liked the cheesecake, but didn't rave about it. In general, it seemed a very basic menu, with no creative surprises.