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Eat REAL Tennessee is next on our plate. We hope you’re ready for some REAL great food near you.


The USHFC is currently in the process of certifying restaurants and other food service establishments in the city of Nashville! The “REAL Certified” program has been selected by the State of Tennessee to be part of an initiative focused on innovative education and prevention of diabetes and obesity. As part of a statewide effort to combat these preventable diet-related diseases, the USHFC has received a three-year, $346,000 grant to rollout “Eat REAL Tennessee”!

For more about the grant and the “Eat REAL Tennessee” initiative, check out this article on businessjournal.com or see the press release for yourself.

In order to make this a huge success, we need your help. We would love to hear your recommendations on which of your favorite restaurants you would like to see become REAL certified! Just go here and let us know where you like to eat   and we’ll reach out to them – it’s that easy.

What exactly is REAL Certification? Find out all about it here!


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